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Custom tiny homes give you the best of both worlds. By designing your own tiny home, you can reduce your expenses and overall space without sacrificing the amenities you need. Small Useful Structures has a wide range of custom tiny homes for sale in Belton, Texas, giving you plenty of options as you search. Our tiny homes are portable, complete with permanent wheels so you can bring your life with you on every adventure.

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Why make the switch to a tiny home?

Why make the switch to a tiny home?

Living in a tiny home comes with a lot of benefits. You'll notice a lot of perks in your daily life, including:

  • Cheaper living. Your expenses will be much lower living in a smaller space.
  • Eco-friendly utilities. Your tiny home won't use nearly the same amount of energy a standard home would.
  • Customizable options. Small Useful Structures allows you to create custom tiny homes to fit your needs.

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